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Topeka, Kansas

September 11, 2019 – B2B Networking Event 

The Foundry 400 SW 33rd St, Topeka Kansas

Event Date Sept 11th 5:30pm-7:30pm

$25 – ING members who have paid for the year already will get a code for $10 off

We will have food and drinks catered in. Advertising the event on local media outlets and online. 

We need a digital copy of business card from registered attendees for booklet that will go in bag they get at registration. If they want items for there business pre-stuffed in bags (highly recommended) bring items to LBM Solutions at 5633 SW 21st St. Topeka, KS 66604. After August 5th M-F Between 8am-5pm You can drop off items with your company information like: business cards, pens, note pads, koozies, brochures, anything that you want other registered members to have. Bags will be about 12×15 so items need to fit in those bags along with other businesses items. Every attendee will get a bag and booklet with everyone’s card printed in it. (So don’t forget to get those to us.) If you need items made LBM does that, but must place your orders for swag by Sept. 9th. You do not have to be there you can just have your items and cards in booklet. (Price is the same, and you must let is know when registering that you will attend in order to be at the event.